What is VDO.Ninja?

"Vee-Dee-Oh" .. oh, video!

What is VDO.Ninja?

In its simplest form, VDO.Ninja brings live video from a smartphone, tablet, or remote computer, directly into OBS Studio or other browser-enabled software. VDO.Ninja is offered as a free web service, but it's also available as customizable and deployable code. Some have called it the modern Swiss Army knife of audio and video transmission. 🛠

Getting Started

There is a playlist of videos above that will demonstrate some of the basics. YouTube actually has MANY community-created guides, in various languages, that you can check out also.

The documentation that you are reading here contains details of advanced settings (URL parameters), support information, starting guides, and more. Using the search-box is a great way to navigate it for specific topics.

There are some cheat sheet and quick-start guides here:

Cheat Sheets

There are a few basic guides for beginners here as well:

Getting started

Need help or support?

The preferred support mechanism is via Reddit or Discord, which offer community-assisted support. Discord is very active, so check it out. As well, development issues, feature requests, and bugs are tracked on GitHub.

For mission critical support issues, or business-related inquiries, you can contact Steve directly. Please don't make it a habit.

Bug reports

It is most helpful to report bugs via the official GitHub. While we monitor the Reddit and Discord channels, it is easy to miss issues/details that occur in comments and older threads.

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