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Applies effects to the video/audio feeds
Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &effect


(no value given)
Shows a "Digital Video Effects" panel when setting up devices
0 | false | off
Disables effects
1 | facetracking
Face tracker
Flip image
Mirror image
Flip + mirror image
Background blur
Virtual Greenscreen
Background replacement
7 | zoom
Face tracking
Face tracking
11 | anon
Anonymous face mask


Adding &effects to a guest link enables the drop-down menu for Digital Video Effects. The guest can then choose the digital video effect via the drop-down menu.
This is on by default when using a basic push link outside of a room.
You can pre-select the digital video effect by adding &effects=X (see Options above) to a guest/push link.
The guest can change the digital video effect dynamically via the video settings panel if you have added &effects to the guest's URL.
You can also pre-select the effect value by adding &effectvalue to the URL. ie: the amount of blur.

Greenscreen performance

&effects=4 enables a virtual Greenscreen on the publisher side.
Green screen doesn't require SIMD support to work, although it won't work as well without it on. There's a little warning info icon (!) if SIMD is not enabled.
Please do enable Webassembly-SIMD support under chrome://flags/ if you'd like to see a large reduction in CPU load when using this feature.

Important Note for &effects=1

&effects=1 requires the use of the Chromium experimental face detection API, as I'm using the built-in browser face-tracking model for this. You can enable the API flag here: chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features My hope is that this feature will eventually be enabled by default within Chromium, as loading a large ML model to do face detection otherwise is a bit heavy; you may need to enable this within the OBS CLI if wishing to use it there?