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Audio Parameters

Filters, adding delay, bitrate, channels, mono/stereo, muting guests etc.
They are separated in three groups: general options (push and view), source side (push) options and viewer side (view) options.

General options

You can add them to both, source (&push) and viewer (&view, &scene or &solo) sides.
Improves the audio quality, changes default audio settings and sets the audio mode to stereo
Sets the audio mode to stereo and changes default audio settings to improve audio quality
Auto mutes the speaker
Audio playback is muted
Disables all webaudio audio-processing pipelines

Source side options

You have to add them to the source side (&push).
Pre-configures the selected audio device
Automatic echo-cancellation is ON or OFF
Applies a gain multiplier (as a percentage) to the local microphone
Sets whether audio auto-normalization is ON or OFF
Applies a generic audio compressor to the local microphone
Turn audio noise reduction filter ON or OFF
Will try to "distort" your microphone's output audio, making your voice a bit anonymous
Provides access to a generic audio equalizer that can be applied to the local microphone
Applies a generic audio limiter to the local microphone
Adds a low-cut filter
Lowers your mic volume to 10% of its current value based on volume-level activity
Lets you tweak the &noisegate variables, making it more or less aggressive as needed
=music fixed bitrate; =speech bitrate is variable
Adds an audio-latency to the published audio stream
Delays the microphone by specified time in ms
Starts with the microphone muted by default
Will mute the microphone of a guest when not loaded in an active OBS scene
Target audio bitrate and max bitrate for outgoing audio streams
Audio capture device to select N-number of audio channels
Sets a guest's audio input to mono (1-channel)

Viewer side options

You have to add them to the viewer side (&view, &scene or &solo).
Like &sink, but selects the audio output device
Outputs the audio to the specified audio output device, rather than the default
Sets the 'default' playback volume for all video elements
Shows a dedicated local audio-volume control bar for canvas or image elements
Manually sets the audio bitrate in kbps
Sets the audio bitrate to be variable, instead of constant
Has the inbound audio playback as mono audio
Delivers video only streams; audio playback is disabled
Pans the outgoing audio left or right, allowing for spatial audio group chats
Sets an offset (in ms) for the automatic audio sync fix node
Audio playback sample-rate, in hz
Specifies the number of output audio channels you wish to mix up or down to
Shifts audio channels 0 and 1 up channels, based on the offset value
Will play either the left or right audio stream-only for an incoming stereo stream
Audio packet size
Maximum packet size of audio
Minimum packet size of audio
Lets you specify the audio codec
Turns off the audio encoder automatically when no little to no sound is detected
Disables FEC (audio forward error correction)
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