Video bitrate in rooms

How to control the video bitrate inside of a room

This guide will show you how to control and set up the bitrate in rooms as a director and as a guest.

Default settings

Every guest is viewing video streams in a room with a combined bitrate of 500-kbps. If there is only one video stream, the guest will view the video on 500-kbps. Two video streams: 250-kbps per video.


As a director of a room you can control the total room bitrate dynamically.

You can control the total room bitrate also with a URL parameter: &totalroombitrate=6000

The default setting for the room is now 6000-kbps. You can decrease it dynamically though if the guests have any problems.


If you add &roombitrate=2000 to the guest's link all the other guests can view the video of the guest with a bitrate of 2000-kbps. So three other guests watching the video stream of the guest -> 6000-kbps outgoing bitrate. &roombitrate limits any guest viewer in the group chat room from pulling the video stream at more than the specified bitrate value.

You can also use &totalroombitrate on the guest's URL if you want to have different settings for each guest. So adding &totalroombitrate=4000 to a guest's URL, the guest can view all video streams in the room with a combined bitrate of 4000-kbps.

If you use &controlroombitrate on the guest's URL, the guest can change the total room bitrate dynamically via a slider. If you add &controlroombitrate&totalroombitrate=4000 to the guest's URL the guest can change the bitrate between 0 and 4000-kbps. It doesn't affect what other guest's are viewing.

Examples When adding &broadcast&totalroombitrate=5000 to the director's URL the guests can only see the video of the director with a bitrate of 5000-kbps. So they get pretty good video quality. If you have three guests in the room the outgoing bitrate fot the director is 15000-kbps, so it's pretty high.

If you want a guest to appear in scenes (for example in OBS) but you don't want other guests to see their video stream you can add &roombitrate=0 to the guest's URL. &roombitrate only affects the bitrate in the room, not in scenes.

Adding &maxbandwidth=80 to the guest's URL will allow to them to put 80 % of their available bandwidth into the video stream. This is useful for high quality gaming streams for example.


For scenes in OBS or other softwares (&scene or &solo) use &videobitrate to specify the bitrate per video stream or &totalscenebitrate to get a combined bitrate for all videos in the scene.

3 guests in a scene -> &videobitrate=3000 The bitrate of each guest will be 3000-kbps.

3 guests in a scene -> &totalscenebitrate=3000 The bitrate of each guest will be 1000-kbps.


If you are using &meshcast on the director's or guest's URL remember that you control the bitrate via &meshcastbitrate on the sender's side.

More Parameters

There are more parameters to control the bitrate. You can find them here:

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