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Teleprompter Tool

Created a tool that lets you rotate, flip, and mirror any cors-compatible website. It's designed mainly for teleprompters.
  • There are drop downs to switch between source modes, rotation, transformation
  • It will store the last used settings automatically, and restore automatically on reload. simple
  • Passing discord or chat pop out links will be auto-converted into a cors-friendly embed version of the chat pop out
  • (optionally) it can take &link with a URL value, or &twitch to pass a user name
  • Hide menu button; to show the menu again, just reload the page
This works great for reading chat out from a teleprompter or even just for VDO.Ninja feeds. VDO.Ninja works great for sending remote teleprompter feeds to something like a Firestick 4K Max, and this teleprompting website should make it easy to flip/invert/mirror the video as needed.