Can be used to change the pre-load target bitrate for scenes

Viewer-Side Option! (&scene)


Example: &preloadbitrate=500


The &preloadbitrate flag can be used to change the pre-load target bitrate for scenes. You can set this higher or lower, or set to 0 to disable pre-loading all together. I'd strongly avoid setting this to 0, as it can cause the video to stall out all together.

Videos not yet added to &scene=1 will have the audio bitrate drop to 16-kbps. Scene 1 has always been special, as the video pre-loads there, so the quality ramps up immediately and guests appear immediately. Other scenes (>1) or custom scenes will need to ramp up from 0 bitrate, which can take some time to load and ramp up, but this is needed - can't have every scene pre-loaded else things get overloaded.

You can override all this logic I'm using for pre-loading bitrates of videos in scenes now with &preloadbitrate=500 or whatever, where the value is in kbps. 0 disables preloading the scene. -1 allows for unlocked bitrates during preloading.

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