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Updates - Raspberry.Ninja

August 9

August 6

  • New URL for the Raspberry_ninja project: (rather than having to scour GitHub to find it). And it's prettier than it used to be.
  • Created a new uSD image for the Nvidia Jetson and the Raspberry Ninja project; might help with audio issues. Might also work with newer Jetson boards. Compatible with uSD cards of size 16-GB and greater now.

March 25

  • Added the ability to save the outbound video stream to disk when using raspberry_ninja. Just add --save as a CLI option and it will start saving the video + audio to disk. Viewers can connect as needed without disturbing the recording.
  • improved the rotate function recently added to raspberry_ninja; now does a native rotation when using the official raspberry pi camera
  • Faster reconnecting when not using --multiviewer on the raspberry_ninja; hangs up the old connection immediately when it intentionally disconnects (such as a browser refresh)

March 24

  • Added the ability to rotate the camera (via command line ) on the raspberry_ninja. Portrait mode or flipped video can be supported as a result.

March 17

  • Added basic room support to raspberry_ninja. Use: --room ROOMNAME --multiviewer
  • Fixed a couple glitches with the raspberry_ninja project when self hosting with multiple cameras and related fixes/improvements (like not needing to refresh the viewer page to trigger it to play). Updates on GitHub

March 15

  • Added the ability to customize the audio bitrate with raspberry_ninja --audiobitrate 256

January 24

  • The raspberry_ninja project had a major update; new RPI image (v3), which enables USB video to now hardware encode properly at 1080p30. Also, HDMI to CSI adapter support added (audio support still needs some work tho). This project lets you stream HD video at sub-second latency to VDO.Ninja using a raspberry pi or Jetson from the command line and headless.
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