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Defines the stream(s) you are receiving, by their stream IDs
Viewer-Side Option! (&scene, &room)


  • &streamid
  • &pull
  • &v


Example: &view=StreamID1,StreamID2
(string value)
stream ID to view; can be a comma-separated list of IDs
(no value given)
in a room, you don't see any other guests including the director


&view defines the stream or streams you are receiving, by their stream IDs.
Optional if you are publishing a stream using &push. If the &view parameter is not added, the default behaviour will occur. If the &view parameter is provided, it will try to play any stream listed. If the &view parameter is provided, but no values are provided, no streams will play; only publishing will be allowed.
This is useful is you wish to publish a video into a group chat room, but only view video from specific known participants. This is also useful if you wish to create ad-hoc group chat sessions without using a group room. Videos will auto-load when they are available if not already.
You can use &view in a room combined with &scene or &solo to watch one or more specified video feeds of the room:,streamid2
Last modified 1yr ago