Mixer/Scene Parameters

Layout and design for the mixer in rooms/scenes, preload/hidden scene bitrate

Mixer/Scene Parameters are viewer side options. You can add them to guest's URLs in rooms and scene URLs.

Room and Scene options

You have to add them to &scene or &room or &view URLs to change the behaviour of the Video Mixer.


Similar to &scene, but tells the system to be a solo-link

Defines the stream(s) you are receiving, by their stream IDs

Includes streams that do not exist in the room

Same concept as &view, except does the opposite

Shows the guest a return feed of the current mixer layout when using the Mixer App

Auto-hides remote guests videos when added, if those guests are not speaking actively

The order priority of a source video when added to the video mixer

Will force the auto-mixer to have that number of slots, even if there are more or less videos available to fill them

Creates simulated guest videos

Random video loading order

Has the videos fully "cover" their assigned areas, even if it means cropping the video

Optimizes the video mixer for 4:3 videos

Optimizes the video mixer for 9:16 videos

Optimizes the video mixer for 1:1 videos

Keeps all incoming videos oriented (rotated) so that the aspect ratio is always above 1

Videos in a group scene will slide around the screen when being re-arranged

Disables the auto-mixer, allowing for a custom mixer to be used

Will force a the VDO.Ninja's mixer output keep the mixed render contained to a specific aspect-ratio, regardless of the browser's window size

Lets you specify a poster image for videos that have not yet started playing

Will hide the default big play button that overlays a video when auto play is not allowed

Does a few things when it detects motion in a video


Only Scene options

You have to add them to &scene or &view URLs.


Defines the link to be treated like a scene

Shows only the last added video to a scene

Auto-adds the specified stream IDs to the scene

Can be used to force videos not added yet to a scene to run at the specified bitrate

Can be used to change the pre-load target bitrate for scenes

You can add a custom image which shows up while waiting for the &scene or &view link

You can add a custom message which shows up while waiting for the &scene or &view link

Specifies a delay for &waitimage and &waitmessage while waiting for the &scene or &view link

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