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An ordered array of layouts, which can be used to switch between using the API layouts action
Director Option! (&director)


(URL-encoded ordered array)


&layouts=[[{xxxxxx}]] is a URL parameter option, where you can pass a set of different layouts (as a URL-encoded ordered array) to VDO.Ninja. (** on alpha)
This is akin to using the, to visually set layouts, but instead you are just manually setting all the available layouts directly, bypassing the mixer app.
Once you have set the layouts, the "layout" API feature becomes a bit more useful, as you can remotely activate any of those layouts with a simple API command.
I documented the 'layout' API option a bit here, but the tl;dr; is that you can either use this API call to set a layout from within the array of layouts that are set, or you can pass a full-fledge layout-object, for on-the-fly custom layouts.
ie: {action:'layout',value':5} or {action:'layout',value':[{xxxx.layout-stuff-here.xxxx]]}
fyi, the layout and the API in general work with the page, so you can use it to create the layouts, and then manually switch between them via the API. The API is streamdeck-friendly.
You can assign guests to custom slots when using &slotmode on the director's URL.

URL example

Layout1: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":100,"h":100,"slot":0}], Layout2: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":100,"h":100,"slot":1}], Layout3: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":100,"h":100,"slot":2}], Layout4: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":100,"h":100,"slot":3}], Layout5: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":50,"h":100,"c":false,"slot":0},{"x":50,"y":0,"w":50,"h":100,"c":false,"slot":1}], Layout6: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":100,"h":100,"z":0,"c":false,"slot":1},{"x":70,"y":70,"w":30,"h":30,"z":1,"c":true,"slot":0}], Layout7: [{"x":0,"y":0,"w":50,"h":50,"c":true,"slot":0},{"x":50,"y":0,"w":50,"h":50,"c":true,"slot":1},{"x":0,"y":50,"w":50,"h":50,"c":true,"slot":2},{"x":50,"y":50,"w":50,"h":50,"c":true,"slot":3}], Layout8: [{"x":0,"y":16.667,"w":66.667,"h":66.667,"c":true,"slot":0},{"x":66.667,"y":0,"w":33.333,"h":33.333,"c":true,"slot":1},{"x":66.667,"y":33.333,"w":33.333,"h":33.333,"c":true,"slot":2},{"x":66.667,"y":66.667,"w":33.333,"h":33.333,"c":true,"slot":3}] ]

Streamdeck usage

You need to add &api=xxx to the director's URL to control the layouts via Streamdeck.
Disables the layouts -> Auto-mixing
Select Layout 1
Select Layout 2[{"x":0,"y":0,"w":50,"h":100,"c":true,"slot":0},{"x":50,"y":0,"w":50,"h":100,"c":false,"slot":1}] *
Select specified layout
*If you use the HTTP Get like this, you don't need to add &layouts to the director's URL.
Using these URLs change the layout of your scene in OBS. The URL you should use in OBS is the default one:

Excel-based Layout Generator Download it and save it as .xlsx - then you can edit it and create custom layouts for the &layouts parameter.