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Mic's volume keeps changing

Some microphones, like the Blue Yeti or Samsun Q2U, may have issues with Chrome (Chromium) and the mic's gain auto-changing to be too loud.
You can see this thread,, for solutions. One option seems to be installing a browser extension. You can also add &autogain=0 to the guest/push link in VDO.Ninja. This disables auto-gain functionality in VDO.Ninja, but it will be up to you then to manually set the gain accordingly. VDO.Ninja does offer a manual gain option that the director or publisher can control, and this gain-option does not interfere with the mic's own gain setting. If a guest has already joined a room, and this is an issue, the director can remotely disable the guest's auto gain via the advanced options -> audio settings -> auto gain control.