Updates - Comms


February 21

February 19

  • You can pass URL parameters for the default audio/video device to the app now (pretty much any VDO.Ninja parameter will work now actually with it). *on production and alpha


December 30

November 24

November 22

  • Fixed an issue with the group-button hiding the hot key numbers when selected

November 18

  • The Comms App hosted on alpha (https://vdo.ninja/alpha/comms) now redirects to the official home for it. https://comms.cam/. URL parameters are passed as part of the redirect.

  • The Comms app now points to the production version of VDO.Ninja, rather than beta or alpha.

October 28

  • Fixed a bug with mobile support on the Comms app

October 26

October 24

  • Made a custom domain for the Comms app; https://comms.cam/ It uses vdo.ninja/alpha via the IFrame API, so its cross compatible. I'm not entirely sure if I'll keep it spun off like this, rather than just hosted on the VDO.Ninja domain itself, but I'm open to feedback/ideas on which direction I should go. (better domain names also are welcomed, if I can afford them)

  • The Comms app has been updated to use &groupmode by default

October 15

  • Updated the Comms app to be mobile friendly

  • Created an experimental very simple voice-chat-room app based on the new Comms app here: https://vdo.ninja/alpha/meet

October 8

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