Publish live streaming video to VDO.Ninja at very high resolutions

Turn your Raspberry Pi or Nvidia Jetson into a Ninja-cam with hardware-acceleration enabled! Publish live streaming video to VDO.Ninja on the cheap at very high resolutions! The script for the Nvidia Jetson ($69 and up) is setup to plug in a $10 1080p30 HDMI to USB adapter and go, while the Raspberry Pi is setup as a quick-deploy image that can work with the official Raspicam.

Get support on the Discord if you have any problems: 🏮│raspberry․ninja

Raspberry Pi system images (and code)

If you have a Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, or a Linux system, you can use those devices to connect UVC-compatible cameras and microphones to VDO.Ninja. It's a great way to make a cheap mobile stream encoder.

This is much cheaper than using a mobile phone and this solution won't overheat when streaming 1080p video after hours. The code is written in Python, so it is accessible for novice developers to use, and it supports hardware-accelerated video encoding.


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