Ninja Docs

Buttons and Control Bar Parameters

Show/hide buttons, adjust the user control bar and video control bar

User Control Bar Options

The user control bar
Auto-hides the control bar after a few moments of the mouse being idle
Forces the user control bar to be in its own dedicated space
Disables the local settings button
Disables the mic button; guests can't mute audio
Hides the speaker button
Disables the video button; guests can't mute video
Hides the ability for a guest to upload a file
Forces the screen-share button to appear for guests
Hides the hang-up button
Shows or hides the chat button
Makes the microphone mute button a lot bigger
Adds a full-screen button to the control bar
Disables IFrames from loading, such as remotely shared websites by another guest or director
Enables a "Raise Hand" button for guests

Video Control Bar Options

The video control bar
Shows the video control bar
Will force hide the video control bar
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