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Buttons and Control Bar Parameters

Show/hide buttons, adjust the user control bar and video control bar

User Control Bar Options

The user control bar
Auto-hides the control bar after a few moments of the mouse being idle
Forces the user control bar to be in its own dedicated space
Disables the local settings button
Disables the mic button; guests can't mute audio
Hides the speaker button
Disables the video button; guests can't mute video
Hides the ability for a guest to upload a file
Forces the screen-share button to appear for guests
Hides the hang-up button
Shows or hides the chat button
Makes the microphone mute button a lot bigger
Adds a full-screen button to the control bar
Disables IFrames from loading, such as remotely shared websites by another guest or director
Enables a "Raise Hand" button for guests

Positioning the control bar

While you can position the control bar by dragging it around, you can also set it's initial position with the use of a custom CSS parameter. For example:
The above is a base64 encoded version of the following CSS, which positions the control bar at the top by default. Base64 encoding allows us to use stylings safely as a URL parameter.
#subControlButtons{transform:translate(0px, calc(-100vh + 90px))!important};

Video Control Bar Options

The video control bar
Shows the video control bar
Will force hide the video control bar
Will try to keep the video controls visible, even if your mouse isn't hovering over the video
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