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Can't select a camera lens on mobile

Accessing the wide-angle or zoom lens on your camera
Some camera lenses are not easily accessible in native mobile applications, and many are not available at all in the browser.
The native app versions of VDO.Ninja may sometimes offer additional lens options not found in the browser, but adding all options is still a work-in-progress.
On Android, you can try Firefox Mobile as well as Chrome or other browsers to see if your camera lens appears there.
There is the option to digitally zoom with VDO.Ninja, &effects=7, will allow you to adjust the digital zoom via the browser. This isn't an ideal solution, but it may work in some cases where optical zoom isn't available.

WHIP mode

VDO.Ninja supports the WHIP streaming protocol, so if there is a native camera app that has proper WHIP-output support, and has the camera features you are looking for, using that can be used with VDO.Ninja.
Currently WHIP support in VDO.Ninja is a bit experimental, but the publishing URL for a WHIP-enabled device to stream to is:
To view a WHIP stream then on VDO.Ninja, have open the following link in your browser:

Lens adapter

There are camera lens adapters available for smartphones for fairly cheap; anywhere from $3 on aliexpress to $20 on Amazon. While not the best solution, it may be a solution available in a pinch that works across all mobile applications and services.