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The stream ID that you are publishing with will be the defined value
Sender-Side Option! (&room)


  • &id


Example: &push=StreamID
(no value given)
creates a randomly generated stream ID
1 to 49-characters long: aLphaNumEric-characters; case sensitive.


&push is the parameter that tells VDO.Ninja to be a publisher.
If the parameter is not provided, a randomly generated stream ID will be used instead.
This is a useful parameter if you wish to reuse an invite link or if you refresh the page often. The value needs to be 1 to 24-characters long: aLphaNumEric-characters; case sensitive. If left empty, the stream ID will default to a random one.
If the stream ID is already in active use, an error will be shown and the stream will not publish.
If using a &room URL and not using &scene or &solo, VDO.Ninja will automatically generate a &push ID.