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Updates - Miscellaneous

September 9

  • Fixed an issue with with passwords containing special characters being used at

August 6

  • The Discord bot on our VDO.Ninja server is a custom-made one, with the goal being to have a single bot running everything here. @leb made a large update to the bot this week, which includes Reddit support, added support for !commands within our new Threading system. (the old third-party reddit bot broke, so it's just an extra reason to remove it and do it ourselves) There's other improvements, such as smarter spam detection, images/avatars added to the new feature, responses are now embedded replies, and dynamic command updates are supported. The code is open source here: Thanks @leb

July 27

  • Improved the messaging at; warns if file is too large and offers ffmpeg/handbreak alternatives in those cases. (also more input file formats supported)

July 11

  • Updated so that it saves the last entered Twitch ID and VDO.Ninja URL/ID, so you don't need to re-enter each time on load. (fyi, this page is an option for IRL streamers to see post video to VDO.Ninja while also viewing twitch chat)

May 12

  • Created a virtual MIDI remote controller app, designed to demonstrate how to use the MIDI transport function of VDO.Ninja via its IFrame API. The notion is, it lets a user create buttons or input sliders on a web page that represent MIDI inputs. You can save/export/import the inputs you create. Pressing a button or moving a slider will broadcast out those values via VDO.Ninja. Of course then, there's also a 'playout link', which if opened will send the inbound MIDI values to your MIDI devices; virtual or real. Using this, you could in theory allow for the remote control of software on your computer that supports MIDI input or remotely control the volume of a Raspberry Pi. Sharing the button layouts with others is as simple as sharing a text file and link. Only the data receiver needs a MIDI device; the sender (remote controller) just needs access to the web-interface. Chat and file transfer support is included, while audio and video is disabled. This is using data only mode. Buttons can currently be set using MIDI byte values or with an input learning function; there's lots of room for improvement of course, so I am considering this a prototype for now. It's on alpha at
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