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Inverts the video so it is the mirror reflection
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


Example: &mirror=2
(no value given)
Mirroring is forced for all videos
Preview video is mirrored only (excluding rear cameras and OBS Virtualcam/NDI)
Mirroring is forced for all videos
Inverts the default; local previews are not mirrored, but guests are mirrored
Same as default, except everything is mirrored, including text - useful for teleprompters


Mirroring does not work if using the browser's native video full-screen button. Use &effects=2 instead for this use case.
Try F11 or the Electron Capture app (right-click → Resize window -> Fullscreen) to hide the browser menu instead.

Alternative method for mirroring and flipping

If you are looking for a form of rotation and flipping that rotates the actual video, rather than relying on CSS to achieve it, you can check out the sender-side &effects options., which will flip the video, which will flip and mirror the video, which will mirror the video Effects however may increase CPU/GPU usage, and could cause frame rate instability, especially if the browser tab is not in active focus.

Dedicated teleprompter tool that works for most sites

There's a dedicated tool for mirror, flipping, and rotating websites as part of VDO.Ninja as well:
In case the built-in options to mirror or flip don't work, the teleprompter app might be a good alternative.
Last modified 6mo ago