Access device sensor data at given rate

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &sensors

  • &gyro

  • &gyros

  • &accelerometer


Example: &sensor=50


(integer value)

Set polling rate to given value, in hz. Default 30hz.


Gyroscopic, accelerometer, magnetometer data can be pushed out.

Enable with &sensor=30 (30hz). Results show up in the remote stats log or the remote IFRAME API.

Useful for VR live streaming support, where you want to capture a smartphone's movement, as well as video. Support will vary from device to device; please report problems or reach out for requests.

Update 22/06/02

&sensor now also includes speed and altitude data.

Added a demo/sample on how to overlay speed + acceleration on top of video playback (compatible with a mobile phone sender)



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