Sets both &totalscenebitrate and &totalroombitrate flags

Viewer-Side Option! (&scene, &room, &view, &solo)


  • &tb


Example: &totalbitrate=3000


(integer value)

max. video bitrate in kbps a scene/room uses


&totalbitrate sets both &totalscenebitrate and &totalroombitrate flags. Not quite sure how well it will work, but since a scene and a guest are exclusive possibilities, it's a bit of a flexible way to just learn one flag to do it all, as I realize all the options can get confusing.

&totalscenebitrate and &totalroombitrate limit the total incoming bitrate, dividing up the bandwidth available to each video being played back. There are nuances in differences, with the main one being &totalroombitrate is for a guest link and &totalscenebitrate is for a scene/view link.


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