Specifies an OBS cut scene to switch to when the bitrate drops below a threshold

Viewer-Side Option! (&view, &scene, &room)


  • &lowbitratescene


Example: &cutscene=ObsSceneName


(OBS scene name)

The name of the OBS scene


You can use the IRL-related command called &cutscene to specify an OBS cut scene to switch to when the bitrate drops below a threshold and return to the original scene when the bitrate recovers. (assuming the cut scene is active; it won't switch back from a scene that isn't the cut away scene)

The default bitrate threshold is 300-kbps, but you can use the existing &bitratecutoff=N option to specify a custom one. Using &cutscene with &bitratecutoff will override the behaviour of &bitratecutoff's other features. It won't start triggering until the bitrate has hit at least the threshold once. to use:


You can of course use this with &controlobs&remote, to have the publisher change the scenes dynamically, and see what the current OBS scene is (if still connected).

Note that the OBS browser source needs the permissions to be set to high, to give VDO.Ninja permissions to change scenes.

Do not set the OBS browser source to "Shutdown" when not visible, as this will prevent things from being able to switch back.

When using &cutscene on a room scene, it won't trigger due to a director being in the room with no video, unless they are using &showdirector. &cutscene wasn't intended really for a group scene; just a solo link or view link, but this fix makes it at more usable with a group scene.


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