Can't screen share Adobe Lightroom

Some applications don't like being screen captured by Chrome; there are some options however

Disable Hardware Acceleration:

  • Sometimes, hardware acceleration in either Chrome or Lightroom can cause issues. Try disabling hardware acceleration in Chrome by going to chrome://settings > Advanced > System > uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available". Also, check if there's an option to disable hardware acceleration in Lightroom

Try a Different Browser:

  • Test if the issue persists with other browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. This can help determine if the problem is specific to Chrome.

Use Windowed Mode:

  • If Lightroom is in full-screen mode, try switching to windowed mode. Some applications don't share their display properly when in full-screen.

Use Display Capture in Chrome instead of Window Capture

  • While this option may reveal more of your desktop than desired, if using a secondary screen to host the Lightroom application, it may still be a suitable solution.

Use OBS and it's Virtual Camera:

  • You can use OBS to capture lightroom, and from there output it to VDO.Ninja via the OBS Virtual Camera. You would select the virtual camera in VDO.Ninjas a camera source, instead of a screen share source. OBS has more advanced screen capture options than Chrome does.

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