Will optimize the mobile experience for more capable smartphones

Sender-Side Option! (&push)



Been playing around a new flag called &flagship, which will optimize the mobile experience for more capable smartphones; essentially, streaming higher quality video to other guests versus the normal mobile-performance mode.

Can be used to try to have a mobile phone push closer-to-desktop quality out, to other guests. The quality is only slightly worse than what a desktop user would push out I think. Just add &flagship to the guest invite links to trigger.

If you don't include &flagship, I've still made some performance tweak, such as increasing the default bitrate from 200-kbps to 350-kbps with just one other guest in the room; with two other, its 250-kbps; after that, it starts to drop down a lot again though. I need to organize my thoughts a bit more on all this, but so far I think it's an improvement.

I've also modified the non-flagship mode, for low-end mobile devices, to use the &limittotalbitrate flag by default (500-kbps). &limittotalbitrate hasn't been that heavily tested yet, but it's part of v22 and might be better than &totalroombitrate; currently I'll increasingly use them together I think though. They are both the same concept, except one is viewer-side controlled, and the other is sender-side controlled; both limit the bitrate that guests in the room see based on the number of guests in the room.


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