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Useful tools that could help you make your stream better


Overview of all the Tech Demonstrations

How to use VDO.Ninja as a data transport tunneling service

How to have a twitch live chat side-by-side with VDO.Ninja on the same screen (viewing Twitch chat while using VDO.Ninja on mobile)

How to have a YouTube live chat side-by-side with VDO.Ninja on the same screen

How to have two VDO.Ninja windows (or any windows really) open on the same page; Picture-in-Picture style

How to have multiple director rooms open in a single tab; note the URL's ?rooms=xx,yy command

How to use the IFRAME API to transport audio and video to the parent frame in Chrome

How to use the IFrame API to add/remove guests to a scene remotely

Mobile-friendly big-button for muting yourself easily

How to transmit sensor and video data from a phone to a computer, drawing it to canvas.

Overlay the incoming speed from remote mobile sensor data onto your video

Demonstrates the MIDI API for VDO.Ninja

Demonstrates how to drag multiple windows around, if you wanted to create a custom layout of elements. (experimental)

Example of a chat-only interface for VDO.Ninja; maybe dockable into OBS even.

iframe.outbound-stats.html demonstrates how to get stats from VDO.Ninja using the IFRAME API

Lets you create passwords and related HASH values for VDO.Ninja rooms

WebHID demonstrates how to interface with a USB device, like a Streamdeck (mouse/keyboard not supported)

A tool for letting you publish into VDO.Ninja, but then full-screen the window once setup, allowing for window-capturing into zoom.

Also hosted on GitHub elsewhere, but it's an example of how to remotely control OBS using VDO.Ninja's tunneling abilities

Create a sample of how to apply a custom full-page overlay on top of VDO.Ninja

Remote PowerPoint Web control via VDO.Ninja (IFrame API)

Lets you rotate a specific website 90, 270, or 180 degrees

Prompts a guest who is joining a room with a message if the director is not there yet

A code example of how to use the IFRAME API of VDO.Ninja to remotely control OBS

Remotely control the pan tilt of a camera

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