Pre-configures the selected video device

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &vdevice

  • &vd


Example: &videodevice=BRIO_4K



disable the video camera automatically. No option to change it during setup is provided.

1 | (no value given)

auto-select the default video camera. No option to change it will be allowed.

(string value)

auto-select a video device that has a label containing that same string / deviceID. Whitespaces in names can be replaced with underscores.


Useful for helping a remote guest skip-past the complex setup of their camera/audio.

You can use this option to also disable a guest's camera, potentially allowing for guest connections that have no video or audio. This is a great option if you want to use midi-only transport, add some hidden IFRAME control, or just wanted to text chat.

For a device like an iPhone, you can pass a string value such as &videodevice=back to specify the back camera by default. For Android, you might try rear instead of back, but it will depend on the name the manufacture gave the camera.

When combined with &webcam and &autostart, you can have the camera start publishing instantly, often without any user interaction at all. Keep in mind that some browsers will still need to ask for permissions or require a user-gesture for things to function correctly though.

See vdo.ninja/devices to see the device IDs and device names. DeviceIDs are specific to VDO.Ninja's domain, while device names are not. The page will also auto-create links for you, just by clicking on the respective device.

When using &videodevice=videoDevice, the name matching order sorts based on "NameStartsWith", then "ExactDeviceID", and then finally "NameIncludes". This should avoid the Streamlabs OBS Virtual Cam being selected when you actually want the OBS Virtual Camera being selected, as the two devices both contain obs virtual camera in their name.

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