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Lets you set a pseudo 'master room password' as a director
Director Option! (&director)


  • &maindirpass


Example: &maindirectorpassword=SomePassword123
(alphanumeric-characters only)
the password you want to set for the main director


&maindirectorpassword lets you set a pseudo 'master room password' as a director. It helps avoid getting locked out as the director, if someone else tries to claim the director-role first. ie:
This will add a &token value to the invite/scene links.
This token is used by the guests to check a remote database server to see who currently 'owns' the token; it persists though, even if the director is not connected.
When using &maindirectorpassword as a director, it tells this database that you are the owner, and it will persist even if you aren't connected to VDO.Ninja. The &token tells the guest to ignore other logic about who the director is, instead using the info provided by the token-lookup to determine whose the director.
I may change or revoke this feature, depending on how testing goes this week, as it's rather experimental.