Autoplay doesn't work in Chrome or vMix v77

Browsers may prevent videos from auto-playing on initial page load

Since 2017, Browsers have required users "interact" with a website in some way before videos will be allowed to auto-play. You can modify Chrome to allow for auto-play, but it's not super easy to do.

In OBS and the Electron Capture app, auto-play is allowed.

vMix v77 does not support auto-play, which must be an oversight on their behalf... right?? haha. A complaint has been filed regardless; voice your own request for the feature here:

A full-screen-sized play button will show up to help accommodate the need for user gestures before auto playing videos. TL;DR; you have a few options:

  • use the Electron Capture app or OBS Studio to play videos; these apps have gesture-requirements disabled

  • in Chrome, go to: chrome://settings/content/sound?search=sound and add to the list of "allowed to play sound" list

  • add &noaudio to your VDO.Ninja view link, so no audio track loads -- without audio, the video should auto-play.

  • try adding --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required to the Chrome/Chromium command line to have the auto-play policy changed on load (this may not work with recent versions of Chrome though)

  • make sure there are no Adblockers installed or other extensions install; sometimes these may interfere with auto-playing

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