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The order priority of a source video when added to the video mixer
Sender-Side Option! (&push, &room)


Example: &order=3
(positive integer value)
Higher order, drawn first on screen


Videos in the auto-mixer are normally sorted by default by their connection ID, but assigning a mix-order value to a video will order it based on that mix value instead. If not set manually via the &order parameter, the mix order value will be zero.
The director can change this value dynamically for each guest; they can change the order of a guest via the Mix Order option in the director's room. If wanting to pre-assign the mix-order value though, the &order option can be useful, such as when wanting to ensure the main host of a stream is always first in the video mix layout.
The mixer order takes priority over &orderby, but the mix order has no effect if using a custom layout, such as when using a custom &layout or via the mixer app.
If two videos have the same order value, the mixer will decide on its own which is drawn first of the two.
Order is Left to Right; Top to Bottom.
The mix order value for a guest/video source is synced with all other guests/scenes/viewers, so changing it will impact how others see the mix order as well.