Support for something called "end to end encryption" using "insertable streams"

General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &director)


There is support for something called "end to end encryption" using "insertable streams" to VDO.Ninja. To use, add &e2ee to both the viewer and sender side links. Can be used in conjunction with &password to specify a cipher.

More technical details about it:

  • VDO.Ninja is already end to end encrypted by default (in peer to peer mode), so this isn't anything of much value to most users.

  • In p2p mode, this will double up the encryption on the video/audio stream, which might be useful if your system was compromised by a state actor.

  • Uses the browser's built-in AES algo, but there is dedicated JS file for the encryption logic, so you can custom-code to use your own encryption I guess.

  • Does NOT work with Meshcast, as I don't have insertable streams working server-side there yet, so there is no E2EE with Meshcast still.

  • It can be used with compatible WHIP/WHEP services, but most WHIP/WHEP services won't support insertable streams. Still, some do, and that's probably the main reason why I bothered to add this all in.

  • The default crypto key used will be hard coded, public, and not secure, but if you provide a &password it will use that as the secure cipher phrase instead.

  • The encoder and decoder algo will fail-safely, rather than fail-securely; I can change this if needed, but it allows for broader peer compatibility and user friendliness. I have more work to do on visually indicating the state of this all, and to allow for more customization, but I'll wait on that until there is more feedback I guess.

  • Not all browsers support this, so in those cases, it may fail safely, if possible; otherwise it will just fail completely.


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