Another security option, for those concerned about random spying of their streams

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &approve

  • &validate


After a new peer viewer connection is established, but before the video/audio streams start getting sent to that new viewer, a prompt will appear asking the publisher if they wish to send their stream to that viewer. If they say no, the remote viewer is disconnected and no video/audio is sent to them. If they have &label=xxx added to their view link, that label will appear as the display name. Otherwise, if no label is available, a random ID representing that connection is shown.

There's nothing stopping a disconnected viewer from re-joining and re-asking, causing some grief, and spoofing an identify isn't too hard, but it gives you some control and warning to block unexpected viewers.

In the future, I can add this control to the director, rather than just the senders, and add additional ways to check identities. For now though, it's a start.


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