Cursor shows when screen-sharing

Most browsers do not allow the mouse cursor to be hidden when screen sharing.

For gaming, this can be an obvious problem.

If you're a gamer comfortable with AutoHotKey, you can hide the cursor with it using a custom hotkey. You can download the free script to do this here:, which works with Windows and is preset to toggle the cursor with WinKey+Click.

You can use OBS to capture the game and use the OBS Virtual Camera to share the screen with VDO.Ninja that way. This might result in more stable game play capture, but it is added work.

You can setup the OBS Virtual Camera to output a specific scene or screen-share, rather than the current active scene, using this filter:

If you prefer not to use OBS at all, there are numerous screen-sharing tools that can turn your screen into a virtual camera. Below is a link to a free one for Windows:

Another paid option is to use an application that can toggle the visibility of the mouse cursor off and on. The paid app YoloMouse might be an option for gamers, as you can hotkey buttons to select different styles of cursors. If you select an invisible cursor, then you can hide the cursor on-demand with hotkeys.

Eventually cursor-visibility control will be available for Chrome, but for now, it will be a bit more hassle.

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