Video Bitrate Parameters

Changing the bitrate of the outgoing and incoming video and for rooms

They are separated in two groups: source side (push) options for the sender of the video and viewer side (view) options for the viewer of the video. Some of them are especially for rooms.

Source side options

You have to add them to the source side (&push).


Target video bitrate and max bitrate for outgoing video streams

Limits the max video bitrate out for this publisher, per stream out

Limits the total outbound bitrate

Allows a guest to control their total room video bitrate dynamically from the settings panel (under video settings)

Limits any guest viewer in the group chat room from pulling the video stream at more than the specified bitrate value

Judges the available bandwidth of a sender's connection

Viewer side options

You have to add them to the viewer side (&room or &view or &scene or &solo).


Sets the "desired target" bitrate in kbps

Max. video bitrate a scene uses

The total bitrate a guest in a room can view video streams with

Lets you set the target bitrate for a guest when they 'zoom in' (fullscreen) on a video

Video bitrate reduced when the video is not visible in OBS (not active in a scene)

Lets you manually set the video bitrate for screen-shares

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