Sets a room ID for the session to join

General Option! (&push, &scene, &solo)


  • &roomid

  • &r


Example: &room=RoomID



1 to 49-characters long: aLphaNumEric-characters; case sensitive.


Rooms broadcast to all participants who have joined.

Rooms are complemented by the &director=roomname function. Directors can have oversight of a room.

Rooms limit the viewing bitrate that guests of a room can request. OBS does not have these viewing limits though.

Rooms have no forced limit on the number of guests allowed, but practically 10 is about the limit I'd recommend.

Adding &showonly=xxx and &roombitrate=0 to the guest's URL can be used to help increase the capacity of rooms to 30 or more.

An alternative to a &room is a faux-room, which can be done with: https://vdo.ninja/?push=aaa&view=bbb,ccc,ddd

Additional info

There's a documentation page dedicated to rooms here.

There's also a video below looking at what sort of performance and system load there is when using an unoptimized group room.

You can reduce CPU load using the &broadcast flag, if hosting a larger room.

You can also transfer guests between group rooms, using the transfer function that the director has.

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