Can't load camera both in OBS and VDON

Can't load camera both in both VDO.Ninja and OBS (or other app) at the same time

If using a physical camera in OBS, or using a physical camera in VDO.Ninja, it can't be used by a second app.

If using the camera with VDO.Ninja, you can use it with other websites within the same browser though. So you can use the web version of Discord with VDO.Ninja; no issues with that.

However if you need to load the camera up in two different desktop apps, try the following:

  • Open up a second OBS instance, and load your camera in that instead.

  • Enable its Virtual Camera.

  • Select the Virtual Camera in VDO.Ninja.

  • Select the Virtual Camera now also in the first OBS instance (or other app). Your camera *may* now be working in both apps; this has been tested with OBS and VDO.NInja on Windows 11 anyways.


If that doesn't work, another option that works well:

  • Just pull your video into OBS from VDO.Ninja. It uses up a bit more CPU, but it simplifies things to just use VDO.Ninja as the source for OBS.

  • You can also always use the Virtual Camera from OBS to load the VDO.Ninja camera feed into another app.

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