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Loads a custom CSS file
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


Example: &
(encoded URL)
will show the VU-style meter that the director has by default already
Any URL-encoded URL that links to a CSS file.
You can use this tool to encode the URL you want to link to


Link to a remotely hosted CSS style sheet via the URL. You can stylize VDO.Ninja without needing to host anything more than a CSS file. The page elements are not visible until the remote style sheet has been loaded.


You can pass CSS as a base64-encoded string using the &base64css parameter. This needs to be URLComponent encoded first, and then converted to base 64.
The tool has an option to do these base64 encoding steps under "General Options".

Customizable director's dock for OBS

Customizable director's dock for OBS example made: &css=minidirector.css
Last modified 1mo ago