Limits the max video bitrate out for this publisher, per stream out

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &maxbitrate

  • &mvb


Example: &maxvideobitrate=8000


(positive integer value)

max allowed video bitrate per stream out


Useful if you are a director and you wish to prevent guests from pulling more than 500-kbps (LQ) or 1200-kbps (HQ) when in broadcast mode.

This is NOT the same as setting the target bitrate as a publisher; this just sets a max limit that viewers can pull video streams at. Please see &totalroombitrate or &limittotalbitrate, as well.

Set to 600-kbps, 200-kbps, or 80-kbps if the goal is to reduce CPU load also. (2x, 3x, or 4x down-scaling is applied at those bitrate limits).


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