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Custom video codec for broadcasts
Viewer-Side Option! (&view, &scene, &room)


Must be used with &broadcast, but the director doesn't need to be the designated broadcaster.
The Electron Capture app should work to allow for webp-based broadcasting even if the tab is not visible, as tab throttling is disabled with that application. This is essentially a stream of webp-based images sent over the webRTC data-channels. The quality by default is limited in both frame rate and resolution, as this custom video codec is very inefficient at higher resolutions and frame-rates.
Based on my testing, the webp mode is only efficient if you are keeping the bitrates under like 2 mbps, so the higher qualities make little sense IMO outside of some niche use cases as they use up a lot of bandwidth.
If you have issues with Webp-mode, or find the quality or CPU savings not sufficient, you can check out the integration instead. It's a relatively new supported addition to VDO.Ninja


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