Applies a gain multiplier (as a percentage) to the local microphone

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


  • &g

  • &gain


Example: &audiogain=80



mutes the microphone so that only the Director can unmute it; the guest cannot unmute.


full volume - default

(integer value)

value will be applied as a percentage.


Adding &audiogain=50 to a source link sets the audio gain of the source to 50%.

  • Can be used to have a guest muted by default when joining a room (&audiogain=0).

  • Can be remotely controlled by the Director if in a room; the guest cannot unmute themselves.

  • Only applies to the first audio-source selected by a guest, if there is more than one selected.

  • If audio processing is on, then this should be available by default for the director to remotely control.

  • The gain function will NOT work if web-audio node processing cannot be enabled.

Enables the audio processing pipeline.


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