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Video Parameters
Resolution, FPS, effects, bitrate, self preview, mute video, PTZ, codec, buffer, broadcast, scale
They are separated in three groups: general options (push and view), source side (push) options and viewer side (view) options.

General options

You can add them to both, source (&push) and viewer (&view or &scene) sides.
Video playback is disabled

Source side options

You have to add them to the source side (&push).
Presets the quality setting for a guest
Sets the maximum width of the video allowed in pixels
Sets the maximum height of the video allowed in pixels
Adds the option to change the video quality (resolution) dynamically via the settings menu
Disables the publishing resolution from being capped
Sets the maximum frame rate of the video in frames per second
Like &framerate, except it will allow for lower frame rates if the specific frame rate requested failed
Applies effects to the video/audio feeds
Sets the amount of blur or effect applied
Target video bitrate and max bitrate for outgoing video streams
Limits the max video bitrate out for this publisher, per stream out
Limits the total outbound bitrate
Allows a guest to control their total room video bitrate dynamically from the settings panel (under video settings)
Limits any guest viewer in the group chat room from pulling the video stream at more than the specified bitrate value
The preview video will be fullscreen
Forces the guest to have a self-preview, overriding &broadcast
Mini self preview at the top right corner
Disables the local self video preview
Has a guest join a group not visible to others
Auto mutes guest's video

Viewer side options

You have to add them to the viewer side (&room or &view or &scene).
Sets the "desired target" bitrate in kbps
Max. video bitrate a scene uses
The total bitrate a guest in a room can view video streams with
Lets you set the target bitrate for a guest when they 'zoom in' (fullscreen) on a video
Video bitrate reduced when the video is not visible in OBS (not active in a scene)
Scales the video resolution of the inbound video by the given percent
Sets the codec to encode the video
OpenH264 software encoding will be used
Sets the video buffer
Has videos fade in smoothly
A useful flag to allow the director to present their own video to the group, often used in conjunction with a virtual webcam or Meshcast. It allows for larger groups rooms by reducing load on guests
Disables all video playback on the local computer, except for any stream ID that is listed
Override the automatically selected Device Pixel Ratio
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