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Forces TURN relay server into use
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


  • &private
  • &privacy


Forcing relay mode is provided for testing and emergency purposes. It will typically increase latency; sometimes by a lot.
Alternatives to relay mode include:
  • Using wired Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi will also reduce packet loss.
  • A VPN service, like Speedify, will likely be better than using a TURN server.
Uses of relay mode include:
  • Can potentially reduce packet loss with some guests on bad connections.
  • Some peer to peer connections over residential networks struggle, and introducing a relay server can help avoid those issues.
  • Has the advantage of hiding your IP address from peers.
You can deploy your own TURN server if intending to use this feature a lot or needing more bandwidth.
Please feel free to donate to VDO.Ninja to help support the provided TURN servers.
Currently TURN servers are deployed numerous countries around the world.
Ports that a TURN server may use include 443, 3478, and potentially others.
More information on what TURN is here
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