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Forces TURN relay server into use
General Option! (&push, &room, &view, &scene)


  • &private
  • &privacy


Forcing relay mode is provided for testing and emergency purposes. It will increase latency; sometimes by a lot.
Alternatives to relay mode include:
  • Using wired Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi will also reduce packet loss.
  • A VPN service, like Speedify, will likely be better than using a TURN server.
Uses of relay mode include:
  • Can potentially reduce packet loss with some guests on bad connections.
  • Has the advantage of hiding your IP address from peers.
You can deploy your own TURN server if intending to use this feature a lot.
Please feel free to donate to OBS.Ninja to help support the provided TURN servers. Current TURN servers are deployed in North America and Germany. TCP/UDP on port 443.
More information on what TURN is here

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