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Details and links if interested in making a gift to the developer of VDO.Ninja.
While VDO.Ninja is a passion project and is free to use, there are some costs involved in providing it. Donating to the maintainer/developer of VDO.Ninja helps directly with subsidizing those costs.
If you'd like to donate, please visit Steve Seguin's GitHub Sponsors page.
While GitHub Sponsors is the main way to donate, there is also PayPal and buymeacoffee. Some crypto options are also listed on the GitHub Sponsors page, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you wish to contribute financially in other ways, please contact Steve directly: [email protected]
If you do make a gift, be sure to let @steve know on Discord so he can thank you personally.
Another way to contribute to VDO.Ninja is via user feedback and suggestions; both are highly-valued as well. Spreading the word of VDO.Ninja to those who may find it useful is also greatly appreciated. Community involvement, such as helping to support other users, writing user-guides, and even showcasing what you've made with VDO.Ninja is also appreciated.
If you'd like to grab a VDO.Ninja branded sticker or mug, there is a merch store with a 0% commission fee set. It won't financially support the project, but it's always motivating to see them randomly in a stream.
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