How to control PowerPoint remotely with VDO.Ninja


Support for remote PowerPoint slide control. (previous/next slide):

  • Documented things quite a bit here:

  • I've only tested with Windows + PowerPoint so far, but it can be tweaked to work with more than PPT without much trouble

  • Uses AutoHotKey + VDO.Ninja + MIDI to achieve the result; quite a few different ways implement it, with samples provided

  • Built-in basic controller added, via &powerpoint (aliases: &slides, &ppt, &pptcontrols)

  • IFrame sample app provided with larger buttons and sample code to add more custom buttons/actions if needed. (start/stop/etc):

  • HTTP / WSS remote control also added; and prevSlide

  • Local Streamdeck support also working, via MIDI

YouTube Tutorial


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