Lets you tweak the &noisegate variables, making it more or less aggressive as needed

Sender-Side Option! (&push)


Example: &noisegatesettings=10,25,3000



see Details for more information




&noisegatesettings is used in conjunction with &noisegate. This feature lets you tweak the noise-gate's variables, making it more or less aggressive as needed.

It takes a comma separated list:

  • First value is target volume (0 to 100), although 0 to 40 is probably the recommended range here.

    • Since how we perceive loudness isn't linear, to have the audio become inaudible, you'll want to set this to 0 to 3. Setting it to 10 for example will leave it still quite audible, but just dampened.

  • Second value is the threshold value where the gate is triggered if below it. ~ 100 is loudly speaking, ~ 20 is light background noise levels, and under 5 is quiet background levels.

  • Third value is how 'sticky' the gate-open position is, in milliseconds. Having this set to a few seconds should prevent someone from being cut off while speaking or if taking a short pause.

    • You may want to try a value of 10 to 300 for this third value, if just testing or want a sharper cut off.

Example: https://vdo.ninja/?noisegate&noisegatesettings=10,25,3000


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