Getting “Overconstrained" Camera Error

If you get an Overconstrained error, it typically means the webcam or camera device has settings that are not compatible with VDO.Ninja code. With every camera being different, and everyone wanting high-quality video, it's a game of whack-a-mole to address each specific instance.

Some ideas though:

  • You can try unplugging and reconnecting the device, and then trying again.

  • You can use a different browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

  • Do not try to specific a manual resolution; perhaps try the defaults.

  • Do not use the camera in other applications at the same time.

  • Try installing SnapCam or OBS virtual cam and try to select that; use it as an intermediary device.

  • Uninstall NDI Tools, as it sometimes can cause issues or conflicts.

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