Will force a the VDO.Ninja's mixer output keep the mixed render contained to a specific aspect-ratio, regardless of the browser's window size

Viewer-Side Option! (&scene)


Example: &locked=portrait


landscape | (no value given)

16:9 aspect ratio


9:16 aspect ratio


1:1 aspect ratio


aspect ratio


You'll get black bars (or whatever the background color is) as padding on the sides to force the inner video elements into the desired aspect ratio

When using &locked, the default aspect ratio is 16:9, but you can pass a floating point value for different aspect ratios, or use landscape (instead of 1.77777) / portrait / square as presets if needed.

Padding is centered, so the rendered video will be in the center of the screen. (tho using &widget mode might break things though).

This &locked option is added to the Mixer App's WHIP/Twitch publishing output option, so regardless of window size, you'll get a 16:9 video render.


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