Sets the "desired target" bitrate in kbps

Viewer-Side Option! (&view, &scene, &room)


  • &bitrate

  • &vb


Example: &videobitrate=6000


(integer value)

bitrate in kbps


&videobitrate sets the target video bitrate of a video feed in a solo link or the video feeds in a scene.

This parameter is only for scenes and solo links. Use &totalroombitrate for example to set up the video bitrate for guests in a room.

Default value will target around 2500-kbps.

The maximum achievable bitrate is around 60,000-kbps (60-mbps).

Lowering the bitrate can sometimes reduce CPU load, bandwidth, and stuttering issues

You might want to increase the bitrate for game streams, to ensure smooth frame rates.

Not compatible with Firefox.

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