Mic stops on MacOS when OBS opens

If the microphone stops working in VDO.Ninja when OBS Studio is open, on MacOS, considering using Safari instead of Chrome or other browser.

One user with this issue noted the problem resolved itself when they used Safari instead of Chrome.

They also noted that opening OBS with the scene first, then launching VDO.Ninja in the Chrome browser, also resolved the issue. Safari was indifferent to order.

Some users on Google noted that they re-selected their microphone permissions in the browser to resolve the issue as well, so there may be some system-level permissions issue at play here.

It's perhaps possible a virtual audio cable might also help, if the issue is a shared device issue. Using the monitor audio output of OBS as an input to the virtual audio cable, or using an application like Loopback for MacOS, might be a way to bypass the issue.

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