Option to change outbound video bitrate of the &meshcast parameter

Meshcast Option / Sender-Side Option! (&meshcast, &push)


  • &mcbitrate

  • &mcb


Example: &meshcastbitrate=2500


(integer value)

publishing meshcast video bitrate in kbps


Adding &meshcastbitrate to the publisher's side together with &meshcast gives the option to change the video bitrate for Meshcast.

Example usage: https://vdo.ninja/?meshcast&meshcastbitrate=2000

Increased the default bitrate of &meshcast from like 500-kbps to max of 3200-kbps; will probably change as the feature evolves and becomes more customizable.

The default Meshcast bitrate is normally set to around 2400-kbps.

Each guest will see a Meshcast video at the same bitrate and resolution as everyone else. It's the same video stream to everyone in the room, control center, view links, and scenes. This is unlike the &totalroombitrate, which varies the bitrate per video that guests see based on the number of guests in the room; &totalroombitrate and &videobitrate will not impact the bitrate of a Meshcast stream, nor will &scale change its resolution.


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