Other Parameters

Not ready for production, not intended to be used or not well-documented

There are some more parameters on VDO.Ninja which are currently not ready for production, not intended to be used, or not well-documented.

You could find out more about these parameters when searching for them on this link: https://github.com/steveseguin/vdo.ninja/blob/develop/main.js



Changes the aspect ratio on the publisher side, but lets you pass an integer value to represent a percentile cropping value. So, &crop=10 will reduce the width by 90% and &crop=-10 will increase the aspect ratio. The assumed base aspect ratio is 16:9.


Sends live debug log data to a remote server. That debug server is normally off, but this flag can be used by Steve to debug issues remotely. The debug data is not stored at any point.


Not currently an active feature.


Disables 'some' of the mouse/touch/drag triggers and events; for debugging and niche situations.


'Tries' to force the browser to not send key frames or lower quality/resolution; doesn't really work.

Tells the browser to not send NACK feedback.


Tries to find ways to combat frame stutter caused by packet loss or key frame requests. Doesn't really work. Tells the browser to not send picture loss indicators.


Deletes the flag for Chrome's bandwidth estimation logic.


Makes the data for the active digital effect available to the IFRAME API or a remote guest.


Used in rare cases, sometimes with the Raspberry Ninja project, where the peer connection may "crash" and the remote viewer won't bother to try reconnecting.


Should not be changed (value in milliseconds).


Mainly to allow Versus.cam to work with VDO.Ninja.


Not currently an active feature.


Forces essentially UDP mode, unless TCP is specified, and some other stuff.


Not currently an active feature.


Specify the handshake server address to use.














This sets the loudness IFRAME API output, if available










This is mainly for a niche IFRAME API use


This is mainly for a niche IFRAME API use


Forces the header bar to show even if using &cleanoutput for example


Firefox, and maybe Safari, supported I think. The possible values are maintain-framerate, maintain-resolution, or balanced. The default value is balanced.


Specifies the IFRAME Hostname target




In development




Lets you specify the capture audio sample rate. Also added purely for experimental reasons; I don't recommend touching.


Enables a special mode that allows for custom codecs




Switch OBS to this scene when there is motion, and "solo view" this video in the VDO.Ninja auto-mixer, if used


Fixed &webp + &codec=webp + &alpha so it properly supports alpha channels. If your needs are modest it can offer transparent streaming video when using &fileshare /w a transparent WebM video source (or a virtual background /w a transparent png)

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