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Settings Parameters
Language, save cookies, show/hide buttons, control bar, remote access, record, chunked mode, raise hands, notify, transcription, closed captions
They are separated in three groups: general options (push and view), source side (push) options and viewer side (view) options.

General Options

You can use them for publisher, viewer and director URLs.
Sets the interface language
Allows remote operation of the zoom and focus, and access to statistics
Shows the connection/media stats window by default
Allows a user to save and then later restore their streaming session settings
Disables hotkeys (like CRTL + M)

Source Side Options

Source Settings, which are settings specific to publishing. The parameters can be added to a publishing link, like for example a guest, a director or just a basic push link.
Disables the local settings button
Disables the mic button; guests can't mute audio
Hides the speaker button
Disables the video button; guests can't mute video
Hides the ability for a guest to upload a file
Forces the screen-share button to appear for guests
Hides the hang-up button
Shows or hides the chat button
Makes the microphone mute button a lot bigger
Auto-hides the control bar after a few moments of the mouse being idle
Shows the video control bar
Enables transcription and closed captioning
Disables IFRAMEs from loading, such as remotely shared websites by another guest or director
Toggles list of hidden guests
Visualizes the packet loss of a guest
Will ask the user for content to remote change their camera or microphone
Enables a "Raise Hand" button for guests
Audio alerts for raised hands, chat messages and if somebody joins the room
Easter egg &notify sound
Message ONLY the director
Limits total of view and push connections
Limits the number of viewers allowed
Record functionality for guests
Lets you set the video recording vodec
PCM audio recordings
Does not use webRTC's video streaming protocols; rather it uses a custom-made protocol
When a guest connects, this tries to load video from that guest for a few seconds, even if not yet added to a scene
Access device sensor data at given rate

Viewer Side Options

Viewer's Settings, which are aspects that are controllable by the viewer's side. These parameters are mostly added to &room or &view and &scene links, but some of them can also be added to the director's URL.
Enables displaying of closed captioning text
Tells the remote source that you would like them to prioritize the audio stream over other streams
If the total bitrate drops below the specified bitrate, the viewer will auto-hide the audio and video for that stream
Lets you change the default stats update interval from 3-seconds to something else
This tells the remote publishers to send keyframes at a specified rate
Limits the number of remote peer connections that are publishers
Disables or adjusts the sensitivity of the VP8/VP9 Codec packet loss 'fix' for OBS
Tells VDO.Ninja to not block VDO.Ninja from attempting to run when using Streamlabs for macOS
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