Settings Parameters

Language, save cookies, remote access, chat widget, chunked mode, raise hands, notify, transcription, closed captions

They are separated in three groups: general options (push and view), source side (push) options and viewer side (view) options.

General Options

You can use them for publisher, viewer and director URLs.


Sets the interface language

Allows remote operation of the zoom and focus, and access to statistics

The ability for VDO.Ninja to Remotely Control OBS Studio while streaming/directing

Option to filter which OBS scenes a remote guest has access to controlling when using &controlobs

Shows the connection/media stats window by default

Allows a user to save and then later restore their streaming session settings

Will clear all the saved user preferences for all sessions

Disables hotkeys (like CRTL + M)

Shows list of hidden guests

Blocks outbound publishing connections

Hides the VDO.Ninja homepage and many links that lead to it

Hides the option to translate VDO.Ninja

Shows the current time

The same as &clock option, except it uses 24-hour time for the display

Positions the countdown timer

Adds a built-in basic controller to control PowerPoint

Will load a side-bar with an IFrame embed, with support for YouTube / Twitch / Social Stream

A token for invite/scene links to determine whose the director of a room


Source Side Options

Source Settings, which are settings specific to publishing. The parameters can be added to a publishing link, like for example a guest, a director or just a basic push link.


Enables transcription and closed captioning

Visualizes the packet loss of a guest

Shows the battery meter for guests that are on devices with a battery that's draining/charging

Will ask the user for content to remote change their camera or microphone

Another security option, for those concerned about random spying of their streams

Enables a "Raise Hand" button for guests

Audio alerts for raised hands, chat messages and if somebody joins the room

Easter egg &notify sound

Message ONLY the director

Limits total of view and push connections

Limits the number of viewers allowed

Does not use webRTC's video streaming protocols; rather it uses a custom-made protocol

Will relay the incoming 'chunked' media stream to others connected to you, without transcoding

When a guest connects, this tries to load video from that guest for a few seconds, even if not yet added to a scene

Access device sensor data at given rate

An option to explicitly list what &sensor data you want to capture and transmit

Post a snapshot of your local camera to a HTTPS/POST URL

Time interval in seconds for &postimage

Tells the director which slot the guest should prefer to be in


Viewer Side Options

Viewer's Settings, which are aspects that are controllable by the viewer's side. These parameters are mostly added to &room (viewing other guests), &view and &scene or &solo links, but some of them can also be added to the director's URL.


Enables displaying of closed captioning text

Disables showing the names when using the &closedcaptions feature

Tells the remote source that you would like them to prioritize the audio stream over other streams

If the total bitrate drops below the specified bitrate, the viewer will auto-hide the audio and video for that stream

Specifies an OBS cut scene to switch to when the bitrate drops below a threshold

Lets you change the default stats update interval from 3-seconds to something else

This tells the remote publishers to send keyframes at a specified rate

Limits the number of remote peer connections that are publishers

Displays the total number of p2p connections of a remote stream

Disables or adjusts the sensitivity of the VP8/VP9 Codec packet loss 'fix' for OBS

Tells VDO.Ninja to not block VDO.Ninja from attempting to run when using Streamlabs for MacOS

Will request a continuous stream of face bounding boxes

Will ignore the chunked version and use the low-latency version


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